When you hear the phrase “What’s eating you,” what first comes to mind?

This episode will discuss what is actually eating you and how it affects what you eat and how you behave. 

The typical individual is eating themselves alive… 

I’m not only referring to fatty foods and obesity. 

Most individuals are killing themselves by what is devouring them internally. 

The impact of our thoughts and feelings on how we feel about ourselves is not surprising. 

If we tell ourselves that we are flawed or that things aren’t working out for us for a long enough time, eventually our brains start to believe it too. 

This is an example of how changing what you say will change how you feel.

You see, we allow things to eat us in a variety of ways… 

Your perspective will change as a result of what you focus on. 

Even though it seems like the world is against you, you’re not making better decisions when you’re being consumed by these negative emotions. 

You arrived at this position as a result of all the small decisions you made over the years. 

My clients are in such severe pain that they are now prepared to take action and It is now necessary to act. 

A lot of people still struggle with the thought, “I’ve been feeling like there’s something wrong with me; that I’m not good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough, and it’s been devouring me.” 

No matter how you are feeling, choose the proper course of action and stick with it. And that’s my goal for my clients to prepare their mindset which will be beneficial to them in the long run.

The lesson here is that, even when things are making you crazy, you have to discover a set of activities to take, and a positive/right mindset in order to accomplish something.

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