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Designed to make sure they have someone with them every single day to provide feedback, answer questions or make sure they are focused on the simple things that will get the best results.

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

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Meet Adam…

My entire family and genetic pool are what you would call “Skinny Fat”

We are hard gainers, which means we struggle to add muscle and once we do…it does not take stopping for long or changing what we are doing, before it starts to fall off!

I can literally do exactly the same amount of weights and eat the same food… if I add in 2-3x 5km runs a week, my arms and shoulders literally shrink and disappear.

For a big chunk of entire life I battled being stuck in “burning more calories to stay in shape mode”, meaning I would just do more and more cardio… Restrict what I was eating and then get to the point I was so frustrated…

I would say fuck it and eat everything known to man to escape the disappointment I felt! Here I was as a personal trainer and I was carrying more weight around my face and stomach than most of my clients!

Yet I was running 10 x 10km fun runs a year, 1-2 half marathons…

I was fitter than most people have ever been in their entire life…but I was 24% body fat and every time I got injured or fed up…

So I did what all desperate people do I went into hardcore restriction mode…. I stopped eating all carbs, like all of them…and not matter what I did the weight and fat just never shifted.

Frustrated, pissed off and hating how I felt about my body… I did something I had never done before! I went back to how the body is designed to work when it comes to burning fat!

I was determined to figure out the macros and amount of weight training I needed to do in order to actually add and keep a good amount of lean muscle on my body.

In 16 weeks with no more than 20 mins of cardio 2-3 times per week and weight training… I went from 24% body fat down to 4% body fat and still smashed an entire pizza and half a tub of ice cream every Sat night for dinner for the entire 16 weeks!

At 42 yrs of age I am stronger than almost any 20+ yr old in the gym…

Despite developing a severe ice cream addiction… I am continuing to get leaner every single week!

I have my self worth and self confidence back enough to open myself up to the dating world… Which has started to also include my new found love of gin multiple times a week!

Now it’s my mission to use all of the secrets I’ve learned over the years to create a massive impact for busy women all over the world.

“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

The Ultimate Me project is more than a fitness program, it is a ‘whole approach to life’ program.

The mindset mastery sets it apart from anything i have ever done. It embeds positive mindset which then enables success.

The level of support is second to none and Adam McKenzies engagement with clientele is positive, supportive and makes you want to continue no matter what!

Vicki Williams

To make the decision to put myself and my health as a priority… dedicate 5 days a week  , first up every morning my 45-50 minute workout.. has helped me mentally and physically cope with my busy life .. learning that cardio burns calories and weight resistance burns fat , accountability of food and exercise, support and positivity daily from Adam and his team has put me on a path to my best , amazing version of ME !

Wendy James

Adam is the most committed professional, knowledgeable fitness and health coach you could ever have.

I have never felt more welcome, he is always there and ready to help with anything you need weights, nutrition or just a friendly ear.

Adam is an amazing, caring, understanding coach that also doesn’t sugarcoat things.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying that Adam may be the best health and fitness coach around.

Tracylee 💪😊

Adam is the most supportive and caring coach. He’s always there to just check in to see how I’m doing especially during rough times. The best coach I’ve had.

Shanna Turek

Working with Adam was so good.

The support was fantastic and the programs I was given were enjoyable and never boring.

Adam helped me  with nutrition which was always a challenge for me.

I got some fantastic results and feel so much better for it.

Sara Petrov

Fell across Adam and his Training page on Facebook. I generally never answer advertisements on Face book, but l did and can i say it was the best thing l ever did. His program is simple and so beneficial. From improving my physical shape, nutrition to mental health.The continual support, laughs and kicks up the butt when required. This program has taught me alot about myself and that l can achieve anything.

Frances Samuel

Adam is caring, genuine and his no BS approach makes you accountable in every which way.

There is no where to hide, no excuses to make and once you realise that, you will succeed.

This program has been momentous and life altering for me, although at times VERY CHALLENGING its been the ONLY program that I have been successful with.

Fi Hallam

Adam and The Ultimate You Project have brought structure to my training, and a real focus towards achieving my strength goals.  My mindset is very different to before joining the program. I finally know what I’m doing and I’m seeing the positive changes I’ve always wanted. Most importantly, I have lots of support. The FB group members are very supportive of one another and of course, there’s Adam. He’s just always there – helping, guiding, steering. I can’t recommend Adam and The Ultimate You Project highly enough.

Ann Bosco

That first step I made to book the call was the hardest most confronting thing I’ve ever done … but also the very best thing I have ever done !

To actually talk to Adam … a real person…was just amazing, and after the  30min call I felt like we were oldest of friends because of his brutal honesty…and so I put my journey in his hands. I made the decision to invest in ME.

To see the changes that have occurred in my mind and body over the last 9 months is just indescribable.

I’ve now been given the tools to set myself up for every day life…. And I know that I can do this on my own now. This really is the simplest program to incorporate into your daily life.

Adrienne Barnet

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