Our Team

Meet Adam…

My entire family isSkinny Fat“: it‘s hard to gain muscle and easy to lose. I burned more calories than most, ran 10 10km runs and 12 half marathons a year, but was still 24% body fat.

I went into restriction mode, stopped eating carbs, but still couldn‘t shift the weight. I figured out macros and lifted weights for 16 weeks, going from 24% to 4% body fat, and still ate pizza and ice cream.

Now I‘m 42, stronger than most 20somethings, and using my secrets to help busy women all over the world.

Now it’s my mission to use all of the secrets I’ve learned over the years to create a massive impact for busy women all over the world.

Our Team

Meet Aimee…

Aimee has been working in the fitness industry for 5 years now and has seen firsthand the transformation that women can make when they unlock their true potential and strength.

After 15 years in Retail Management, Aimee needed a change and thus began her journey with Personal Training.

She loves that fitness is straightforward and that the Ultimate You Project is about creating lifelong habits and skills to help people live in a confident body.

Aimee is passionate about creating a community for people to come together for a common goal, no matter what their back story or where they are from. Her favourite quote isConsistency is what transforms average into excellence“.

Our Team

Meet Renee…

Renee is an experienced fitness professional, having owned a Martial Arts Academy/gym for many years and running personal training sessions specifically with ladies.

She is passionate about helping women and has also worked in emergency services for over 10 years.

Renee has always made exercise a huge part of her lifestyle, as it keeps her happy, healthy and strong.

Currently, she works with Adam and the team at the Ultimate You Project, which is a program designed to provide the tools and teach the process of creating a lifestyle change for the long term.

Renee loves that they are all in it together, committed and dedicated to change, and that everyone has the opportunity to share their stories and support each other.

Her motto is “Consistency is more important than perfection.”

She enjoys healthy yet delicious meals, such as blended frozen mixed berries, protein powder, ice and yogurt, and gnocchi and affogato.

Our Team

Meet Jenny…

Jenny loves the idea that anyone can be fit no matter what age. She also loves watching people find their mental and physical strength. Lastly, she loves that consistency and simplicity are keys to getting results.

After being diagnosed with PTSD from teaching, Jenny lost her way and was not taking care of her health like she always had. She found Adam and it changed her life. She found her mental and physical strength again, got her confidence back, and proved to herself that consistency is key. She feels incredible!

She loves that the Ultimate You Project is a community program that is built on simplicity and consistency. It is about playing the long game, not a quick fix.

We work with anyone who needs that extra push to reach their goals. People who are struggling and in pain from poor life choices are just who we can help.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Cottage cheese and pineapple.

Anything sugar!!

Providing The Best Accountability And Support in the industry..

Designed To Make Sure They Have Someone With Them Every Single Day To Provide Feedback, Answer Questions Or Make Sure They Are Focused On The Simple Things That Will Get The Best Results.

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.


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