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1412, 2022

Is Fear Driving You or Denying You

In today's episode, we're discussing the role of fear in our lives and how it can either drive or deny us… The acronym FEAR stands for Finally Exiting Average Reality, MEANING that when we face fear, we're moving towards a new, non-average reality... [...]

1212, 2022


In this episode of Mindset Monday... We will talk about the importance of mindset in training... and how it can impact an individual's success... For so many people that we work with and we talk to on a daily basis… and that I've [...]

812, 2022

Your feelings are dictating your actions

I have a very simple question for you… Are your feelings dictating your actions… You won't get where you're going… If you stop, act in an erratic manner and constantly change directions… Even if you're exhausted, unmotivated, anxious, or unhappy… Results do not [...]

112, 2022

What’s Really Killing You

When you hear the phrase "What's eating you," what first comes to mind? This episode will discuss what is actually eating you and how it affects what you eat and how you behave.  The typical individual is eating themselves alive...  I'm not only [...]

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